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Digital Attribution and Measurement Seminar    

As consumer want for privacy increases, and as third party data becomes increasingly harder to access, digital marketers are being forced to re-evaluate the skills and strategies they have known and used for years. With the marketing ecosystem that we once knew now in turmoil, how can digital marketers continue to harvest those all important metrics?

At Performance Marketing World US Digital Attribution & Measurement Seminar we helped digital marketers navigate this new cookie-less minefield, by exploring topics such as: implementing effective attribution models, multi-channel marketing and marrying online and offline tracking.


"The performance marketing industry is experiencing an era of huge disruption and transformation, and the US is at the forefront of this change. 

From Google’s impending cookie-ban, Facebook’s planned PET system and Apple’s iOS crackdown, the sector is hurtling into a privacy-first future. 

And that's why we need clarity now more than ever.

Performance Marketing World’s first ever US seminar has been created to help navigate this new terrain. Can the pivot to first party data maintain results? How can we unify online and offline metrics? And which brands are already leading the way?

Our Digital Attribution and Measurement US Seminar gets you involved from the ground up in an event that will bring together leading brands, agencies and technology providers, to share what really matters to the industry in a post-pandemic and pro-privacy world. 

I look forward to seeing you there!"

Robin Langford
Premium Content Editor 
Performance Marketing World 

Event information

Key themes for this year's event

  • Data reincarnation: the death of the third-party cookie and the rise of the first-party cookie
  • Managing the many models of digital attribution
  • Marrying online and offline metrics
  • Utilizing tech for optimal campaign performance
  • Multi-channel marketing and its importance in a cookie-less future

Why attend?

    • Identify and implement which digital attribution model is right for your brand
    • Maximise metrics without the use of third-party data
    • Pinpoint performance strategies for optimal campaign reach 
    • Connect the dots between online and offline measurement 

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