Performance Marketing Asia-Pacific


Thank you for attending Performance Marketing Asia-Pacific on 20 April 2022.


"With TikTok dance crazes, live-streamed shopping and Singles Day breaking global e-commerce records, the Asia-pacific region has led where the rest of the world has followed. 

But there is still huge room for growth across this incredibly diverse region. The emerging nations in APAC will be the largest contributor to global e-commerce growth in the next few years. But how can performance marketers make the most of this trend?  

Performance Marketing World’s first ever APAC seminar has been created to help navigate this lucrative but turbulent terrain. What is the next big thing in social commerce? How can we unify online and offline metrics? And which brands are already leading the way in key markets and sectors?

Our APAC seminar gets you involved from the ground up in an event that will bring together leading brands, agencies and technology providers, to share what really matters to the industry across this fast-growing and ground-breaking region. 

I look forward to seeing you there!"

Robin Langford
Premium Content Editor 
Performance Marketing World 

Topics include

Achieve increased reach and strong audience engagement through the management of data vs creative.

Shore up your operations across multiple regions and adapt your targeted campaigns accordingly.

Get future-fit in engagement, sales and ROI in social commerce.

Partnership opportunities 

Performance Marketing World offers you the chance to align your business with the people, teams and companies that are leading the way in the performance marketing sector. As a marketing and business development opportunity, you will build your brand and maximise on ROI with a bespoke package to help deliver your business objectives.

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