Yara Ohashi

Head of Digital Marketing, iStock

As the Head of Digital Marketing for AMER and APAC at iStock, Yara Ohashi focuses on providing brands insight into how to develop and implement digital marketing plans, the importance of representation in visual storytelling, and elevating visual campaigns across the Americas and Asia-Pacific region. Yara is forever focused on growing commerce sales and revenue through Paid Search, Paid Social and Affiliates investment. Prior to joining iStock in 2014, she worked in the travel and media industries serving global brands like Expedia. She is passionate about all things data, especially when it comes to using data to unlock creative, innovative ideas, and is a big fan of testing to unearth learnings and identify improvements. One of the things she loves most about what she does is the innate ability to see—almost in real time—how a test is impacting performance.