Joe Gradwell

CEO, Campfire

Joe Gradwell, CEO of award winning agency Campfire, has been in the industry for over 8 years. Having a background in finance, Gradwell in his spare time would run large social presences for fun - it was here his passion for creating innovative ways of making content travel online really began.

His efforts were soon spotted by social media experts, Social Chain, who hired him in 2015 to run its media arm. From here, Gradwell began to expand the team and even created, launched and grew one of Social Chain’s largest brands, GameByte. During his time at Social Chain he also looked after the social positioning and brand development of some of the companies leading brands.

Gradwell’s ability to really understand how to tell a story that will translate across all digital platforms, as well as, understanding consumer behavioural patterns online is what first sparked the concept of Campfire.

Teaming up with fellow colleague, Alex Brown it became their mission to create an agency that offers world class services from a team of world class individuals - an integrated agency that produces viral, scroll stopping work. However, they also wanted it to be an agency which also understands trends and consumer behaviour to create activity that produces world-class results.

Over the past four years, Campfire has grown from a spare bedroom to headquarters in Media City with over 40 employees. On top of this, the agency has gone on to win multiple awards, including two Global Content Awards, Prolific North Award for the Best Beauty Campaign Of The Year and two Global Social Media Awards.

Gradwell is available to discuss:

● Lessons learnt from setting up your own business

● Consumer behaviour - why people do what they do online

● Why is it important for brands to understand consumer behaviour when planning

out their own social media content?

● How to get content trending - the do’s and don’ts

● The future of media consumption