Wisdom Works

Wisdom Works is a market leading AI company was founded by University Professors who specialise in the application of AI to business, supported by co-founders with extensive commercial experience.

We are recognised as one of the 100 global leading AI companies.

Utilising our proprietary technology, we build AI solutions to solve problems in key sectors including e-commerce, retail, legal and medical sectors. We utilise AI/ AGI led data insights to create predictive analytics – personalised to your company’s individual requirements.

We take a different approach to AI & AGI, using a fusion of our proprietary Behavioural AI Federated Learning, intelligent agents, chatbots, web 3 metaverse including AV and AR avatars.

Our AI Predictive Digital Assistant has a 360-degree, holistic view of the customer – their changing needs and buying preferences.

Wisdom offers business leaders and their Boards the insight and understanding of how to get the best from AI now and in the future, including the opportunity to create real and lasting Competitive Advantage.