UK Paid Social Media Seminar

The number of active social media users globally is anticipated to reach almost 4.41 billion in 2025, a 22.5% increase from 2020. Given this exponential growth, it is imperative for brands to establish effective paid social media strategies that engage, entertain and leverage these online communities in order to boost sales and bolster customers’ loyalty and lifetime value. 

The dynamic and saturated nature of the social media marketing space means that performance marketers specialising in paid social must constantly optimise their approach or else risk conceding a competitive advantage.

Performance Marketing World’s Paid Social Media Seminar took place in London at Events @ No 6 and online where we discovered the innovative initiatives and growth strategies leveraged in leading brands’ paid social campaigns. Speakers shared case studies and insights about implementing multi-platform paid social campaigns, establishing profitable influencer collaborations, and maximising engagement by choosing the best social platforms to target your core consumer demographics.

Reasons to Attend

  • Discover how to choose the right social media platform for your paid social campaigns in order to target different sub-audiences and engage them where they are most receptive.   
  • Gain insights into how to tailor your paid social content across multiple platforms so that your content feels authentic and native to your target audiences. 
  • Hear strategies for success from brands leading the charge on TikTok about how you can commercially leverage this dynamic platform.

Speakers include

Key themes

Platform optimisation

What you need to do to best leverage available social media platforms to maximise measurable outcomes, and how to identify the right social media mix for your paid social strategy.

Safeguarding your brand

Protecting the value of your brand and its reputation on social media.

Maximising ROI

Where to invest your budget and time to maximise the profitability and effectiveness of your paid social strategy.

Partnership Opportunities 

The Performance Marketing World Insight Series offer you the chance to align your business with the people, teams and companies that are leading the way in the performance marketing sector. 

As a marketing and business development opportunity, the Insight Series offer you the chance to promote your products and services to our audience. Build your brand at our events, whether in person or digitally, in our marketing campaigns as well as the event website. 

Please get in contact and we can build a bespoke package to delivery any business objective.

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